Are You Looking For Extreme Sports? Best Places You Can Travel To!

Published on 09/29/2021

No matter whether you are a traveler or just going on a summer vacation, it’s evident that you will look for some extreme sports so that you can remember the trip for a while. If you ask what we mean by extreme sports, it is hard-core, full of an adrenaline rush, and some crazy dreadful tasks. The meaning might differ from person to person. However, the places we will mention here will come in the top 5 whenever you search for homes with extreme sports.
These activities will make your heart race as it will include cave diving, bungee jumping, volcano boarding, etc. It’s time you start planning, and these places will also not consume a considerable budget. These extreme sports will also be the best shot to boost up your social media profiles. Let’s dive into the options that you can plan for.

Are You Looking For Extreme Sports

Are You Looking For Extreme Sports

Freshwater Cave Diving, Mexico

There are different levels of thrills and adventures that you will get while doing deepwater diving. These diving experiences will give you an insight on a range of things that you will just miss. It will also carry a number of dangers along with it. Without professionals, you must not do it as it will put a lot of stress on the body. You will be able to find many professionals in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. All you need is a waterproof camera and go diving.

Ice Climbing, Colorado

You must have seen people going on frozen waterfalls, climbing mountains, and glaciers. What if we tell you that you can do all three at once. It is one of the extreme sports that one will find high on adrenaline rush. These stunning spots are dedicated by Colorado authorities for the only use of this extreme sport purpose. Though there are various sites for such a sport in Iceland, Scandinavia, and Scotland, the Ouray Park of Colorado leaves every other site behind it in terms of adventure and beauty.

Cheese Rolling, England

It’s considered a very dangerous sport, however, it is in the ancient culture of Britain. Considering its extremity, many other countries imported it. You will find this extreme sport in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. However, the most difficult one that you will find is in England. It’s Cooper Hill’s. Here, a Double Gloucester cheese is tumbled down from the slippery hill and it is followed by more than hundreds of people. A majority of them fall and start tumbling down, that’s the reason it’s considered dangerous.

Heli-skiing, Alaska

Various people believe that deep-sea diving is just a maxed-out form of freshwater cave diving. Wait until you know about heli-skiing in Alaska. Here, you will have to start while you are on a helicopter. Your task is to pick up a virgin powder that can only be accessed using this way. You can say it seems like the plot of a Bond movie, but it’s an extreme sport. Britain has imposed a complete ban on it. However, you can still experience it in New Zealand and Canada. The scariest one is in Alaska’s Chugach mountain range.

Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing

Volcano Boarding, Nicaragua

Australians have come up with this extreme sport right next to Nicaragua on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada volcano. Some other sports that are related to volcanoes are getting closer to the rim in Hawaii. In Iceland, you can take a helicopter ride to go over it, and in Costa Rica, you can go on a night trek when the lava glows. In this volcano boarding, visitors will get to rush down the slope at around 90km/h. Boarders will have to wear full protective gear while doing it.