Planning To Spend Summers On A Greek Island? Here Are Our Top Picks

Published on 06/30/2021

While you are planning a vacation, there are various things that you will need to consider. There are over 200 Greek islands there, and it’s evident that you are confused about choosing the right ones for you. The most famous ones that everyone has on their mind are Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, etc. However, you will be surprised to know that there are over so many mini archipelagos that you can visit, and we guarantee you that you will find so many new spots across these islands. In this blog, we will be your helping hand in choosing the right one. Most of the visitors settle in Cyclades or Dodecanese as these two are the ones that are very easily accessible from the Piraeus port. Without any further adieu, it’s time to go through some of the lesser-known ones.

Planning To Spend Summers On A Greek Island

Planning To Spend Summers On A Greek Island


If you are looking for one of the most exotic islands that you can visit in Greek, Zakynthos is the one that is located in the lap of an Ionian sea. The island has a long range of mesmerizing landscapes and clear beaches. Apart from the beautiful landscapes, the beach is also home to an endangered species Caretta-Caretta. Zakynthos has an extended range of beautiful villages, and the turtle also keeps its eggs in the white sand of its beaches. The pictures you are seeing will not do any justice, and to experience the true beauty, you will have to visit it.


No doubt, it is one of the most iconic places that you can visit among all the Greek islands. It was a few thousand years ago when a volcanic eruption sunk a major part of its land. It is believed by a lot of people that the story of Legend of Atlantis came from here. However, when it comes to Santorini, there’s a lot more that it has to offer other than the geological aspect. When you are on this island, how can you forget to go sailing? You can visit any of the vineyards and witness one of the most beautiful sunsets over Oia.


No one will need to have an introduction when it comes to the unparalleled beauty of this Greek island. Mykonos also stands head to head with other popular Greek islands such as Santorini and Crete. If you are visiting this island, you can’t miss roaming around the town. You will also have to sail to Delos island to witness Kato Mili’s unique windmills. As a visitor, you will get to see the best Greek architecture along with some of the best seafood that you can find.


When compared to the ones that are mentioned on this list, Skiathos is comparatively a smaller one. Located on the east coast of the Greek mainland, the island has some of the best scenes that you will witness. Though it’s a small island, visitors will get a balanced share of exploring and getting some days to relax. Well, exploring is not the only thing one will need in vacation days. The clear turquoise water of Palaria Lalaria will give you the utmost calm.




Among the hundreds of Greek islands, Crete is one of the largest ones. You will need to give this island a couple of days to cover all the major activities and locations. After lunch, you can plan a visit to Knossos Palace and the ancient harbor of Chania. The beaches that are present here are so mesmerizing and the coves are also filled with beautiful landscapes.