Helicopters: A Glimpse Of Future Technology

Published on 08/11/2022

The world of aviation technologies is making huge technological advancements daily. The aircraft and helicopters are equipped with the latest tech to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly. The most extensive and advanced setup we will witness will be in the equipment used by the military. A significant event where we saw a major chunk of the developments was a few years ago in Dallas, where HAI Expo was held. More than 700 companies attended the expo, and 62 aircraft were equipped with concept technologies. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 technologies that will be a common trend in the coming years. Let’s dive into it without any further adieu.

Helicopters A Glimpse Of Future Technology

Helicopters A Glimpse Of Future Technology

Bell’s FCX-001

The body of this futuristic-looking helicopter is crafted from all sustainable materials that are focused on offering us a way to a sustainable environment. The aircraft was first put on display in 2017, and the design language opted here is highly inspired by sharp geometric shapes. The engine of this helicopter is a hybrid one. Along with it, the size of the rotor blades can easily be changed based on flight requirements. The cockpit has just a single pilot operation with AI to help the person as a co-pilot.


Not a flying machine, this communication suite will be pretty helpful in the next few years. The primary audience for this surveillance setup is the law enforcement department. Also, it will be beneficial for the military, which will help drastically improve cockpit communications from the ground. SmartCopter will allow the authorities to transmit all forms of video and audio along with the data. The package easily fits in a cargo compartment and uses the EFB interface.

KCG’s S-92

It is a transport vehicle that uses a dual engine and is showcased by the Sikorsky Aircraft at the Heli Expo. Various factors will play a vital role in the price of this advanced-level helicopter. The primary use of the aircraft is for rescue operations and to take passengers to and from the gas and oil rigs. On a full tank, it will cover a range of 999 km.

UH-60A Digital Cockpit

The all-digital cockpit of the UH-60A is also one of the most advanced pieces of equipment. This Black Hawk flying beast has a three-screen comprehensive setup with all the controls. It is also from Sikorsky’s house, and the company has put it on display for visitors at the Heli Expo. The complete screen set up with all the bells and whistles is dedicated to making it easier for pilots to fly.

UH 60A Digital Cockpit

UH 60A Digital Cockpit

Eye In The Sky Video Recorder

You might have heard of the company Over The Top in aviation. The CEO develops the device, which is attached to a personal story. The New Zealand company’s CEO came up with this product after her son died in a horrific crash. Even after a full-fledged investigation, the authorities could not find the exact reason behind the crash. Apart from these, a product worth mentioning is the G4ME SilverEye from Guardian. The device not only offers live tracking information, but it will also give users a medium to transmit messages and stay connected in real-time. It uses the 9603N model that is based on satellite communication.