A Few Artifacts You Need To Know: Top Places In History

Published on 08/18/2021

Everyone is keen to know what their ancestors were up to, and for us, hundreds of archaeological teams are tirelessly working day and night to unearth hidden treasures. Many students are signing up for the anthropology course to explore new areas and continue their research.
There are various times in history when archaeologists uncovered some hidden treasures. You will be surprised to know that there are a majority of times when the team that finds such things doesn’t know about these unearthed items. There are also times when they have no idea how those things came there and how context they can be. It can also be the case that they aren’t able to put a price on that artifact.

Top Places In History

Top Places In History

The London Hammer

In 1936, a couple, Emma and Max Hahn, were on their routine evening walk. The couple noticed a rock that has some wooden bulge on it. They took the rock home for further inspection and then gave it a little hammer and chisel treatment to check what it was hiding. On the first look, it seemed like some form of an archaic hammer. The couple has handed it over to the archaeological department to have a better place for this rock. They studied it to find out that this rock dated back 400 million years ago. It was so old that the wood itself had started to turn into coal. The metal found in the hammer constituted 96%+ iron which was impossible for nature to make.

The Dropa Stones

In China, a very renowned archaeologist, Dr. Chi Pu Tei, discovered a very bewildering discovery. The caves around the area held a few traces of such stones and were telling a very astonishing story. These stone disks were lying under multiple layers of dust, and the cave’s interior was filled with them. These disks were almost identical to records that are used in phonographs, and the disks are 9-inch in diameter. These circular disks are believed to have a history of about 10,000 years ago. On further inspection, these discs revealed some intuitive information about the spaceships that were then crashed in the mountains.

The Mysterious City of Nan Madol

The city goes back to the history between the years 200 BC and 800 AD. It is named a mysterious city because of its establishment on the coral reef in Micronesia. About 100 or more islands are constructed of basalt blocks, and all the islands are connected using the viaducts. The basalt blocks that are used in the construction of the city weigh somewhere around 250 million tons. The building is so advanced and unique that it is a marvel if you match it with today’s advanced engineering. However, apart from a few clues, no one can determine the actual reason behind the creation of this artificial island city.

The Mysterious City Of Nan Madol

The Mysterious City Of Nan Madol

Baghdad Battery

The founding consisted of a tall clay vessel, and inside it, a copper cylinder was put in place using asphalt. In that copper cylinder, there was an iron rod that was oxidized. The year 1940, the NMI director Wilhelm Konig found it and claimed it might be galvanic cells. There are studies and research that are done, but no one was able to prove him wrong. All that was required to be done was to put some acid or alkaline into the cylinder to produce an electric charge.