Honeymoon Destinations

Published on 04/30/2020

At some point in your life, you will want to go out and have some fun with no one around but the love of your life. There are lots of amazing honeymoon destinations around the world that you can go to relax and chill without anyone bothering you. They have some fantastic features that will compliment your stay and help you to create the most memorable experiences. However, you may have certain needs you desire to fulfill, and not all areas can do this. As such, we have researched some of the areas that have the most sought-after features and amenities everyone would need. Here are the top 7 destinations you need to consider for your next lovers’ vacation…

Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon Destinations

Bora Bora

You will want to go to Bora Bora for its secluded feature of only being 6 miles long and a little over 2 miles wide. The small island features some exquisite amenities and like a dormant volcano that provides a lush beauty channeling out into the island’s aquamarine lagoon. A lot of people do consider it one of the most beautiful places on earth because of its tropical setting, luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches, and friendly locals. The feeling is almost the “home away from home” experience. With a rich tourism industry, you can rest assured your visit will be like no other. Though it has a “heavy price” attached, your connection with nature will be worth it.


Fiji is widely known for its turquoise beaches, luxe resorts, and tropical getaway experiences. For all those adventure seekers, the group of 333 islands makes for an exquisite experience to bind in love. The activities for lovers include divers, surfers, and adventure to coral reefs. Have a blast like no other with an island that caters to love and creating memorable experiences.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is rich in lush green vegetation and amazing beaches that will create an exciting experience for all lovers. The Caribbean island provides the opportunity to enjoy some rich musical selection in their Jazz & Arts Festival, zip-lining, and those who desire to get their adrenaline pumping. Getaway in secrecy, and enjoy some time bonding together.


Santorini has a rich array of beautiful beaches and whitewashed homes. Visiting the island not only has a rich history but also some amazing places where you can get away and spend some amazing time together. There is a whole lot to explore on Santorini with the many different islands that they offer you to tour.



Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is like a heaven on earth experience with the lush green vegetation and amazing beaches to explore. Amalfi Coast is an island located in the Italian region with sky-high coastal cliffs, rich vegetation, and turquoise waters. Its charm is amazing and is a beauty in the sight of the beholder.


Delve in the rich ambiance of beauty, calmness, and rich natural beauty. With the lush green trees and vegetation, your nature walks will create an amazing experience for you. The rich history of the country, in addition to the exclusive sightings, will make your experience like no other.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The island provides some of the most exclusive sightings and is one of those Caribbean countries where you get to relax in peace, serenity, and refreshing ambiance. The island is rich in white sandy beaches and fantastic nature-filled adventures that will create a lifetime memory for you and your loved ones.