Gift Your Love A Sweet Honeymoon: Top 6 Places To Visit In Europe

Published on 09/08/2021

For travelers, Europe is the favorite place to visit, thanks to the diverse culinary and culture. There are 50 countries on the continent, and you might find it highly expensive at first sight. Going by this belief, the couples are also quite concerned about their budget as they have already spent a significant amount of their savings on weddings. There are indeed various cities that will require you to spend massive amounts. We will introduce you to options that you can consider that will not be very heavy on your pocket. The couples planning to spend their honeymoon in a European city must have regarded islands like Santorini and many other Greek islands. The beachside hotels in Cannes are also a pretty wise option that you might be thinking of. The easiest way to settle on a choice is to visit the place in the off-season or the ones that are not very highly represented. Let’s dive into some of the options that are as dreamy as they can get yet quite affordable.

Honeymoon In Europe

Honeymoon In Europe

Split, Croatia

Croatia has come up on the tourism map not very long ago. The city that tourists widely visit is Dubrovnik. No doubt, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Split is also right next to it. It’s the second-largest city in Croatia, and it offers a wide range of beaches and restaurants. Visitors will also find themselves in the town where an ancient palace is located. It can be a perfect honeymoon where you will find yourself in the lap of beautiful landscapes.

Lake Iseo, Italy

There are various lakes present in the country that is visited by thousands of visitors every year. Places like Venice, Amalfi Coast, and Milan are pretty familiar places, and just next to lake Iseo, Lake Como is visited by many people. There is also a lake Grada present next to it which is also generally overcrowded. It’s a 16-mile long lake with several wine tastings along the way. It can be a perfect activity for a couple to do on their honeymoon.

Granada, Spain

You will not find it quite simple to reach this city of Spain. This is the primary reason you will not find multitudes of people like you see in Madrid and Barcelona. The city boasts of a palace that is located on the hilltop, known as Alhambra. From here, you will get to see the full view of the city. Granada also boasts massive cathedrals, museums, and beautiful mosques. There will also be several public parks and also a diverse range of restaurants.

Porto, Portugal

Lisbon is quite famous among the visitors, but you must keep in mind that Porto city is seen to be quite affordable. The city is located on the northern coast, and it is widely popular for wine tasting. You will also get to visit several wineries in the town. You can also go on a boat cruising with your loved one to spend quality time. From climbing up the Clerigos Tower to getting to the Stock Exchange Palace that was built in the 19th century, you will find various exciting activities.



Petrovac, Montenegro

The town of Petrovac only houses 1,500 people, and this beautiful city has to offer multiple activities such as exploring caves, mountains, etc. They will also get to rent kayaks that will help explore mountains and caves in a much easier way. Many restaurants will serve you cheap pizza and diverse options in the seafood category.