Hotel Brands That Offers The Most Bang For Your Buck

Published on 09/08/2020

When you’re traveling, one of the things you always watch out for is where you want to stay. You want to be able to be at a place that is comfortable yet will make you feel like royalty.
Choosing a hotel can be hard because there are things like amenities and location to consider. No matter where you are located in the world, here are some hotel brands that will make you feel as if every penny you’ve spent is worth it.

Hotel Brands That Offers The Most Bang For Your Buck

Hotel Brands That Offers The Most Bang For Your Buck

Capella Hotels & Resorts

The Capella hotels and resorts have branches all over Asia, Australia, and Europe, and is ranked number 1 by many well-traveled citizens of the world. Making this hotel so special is how personalized your stay can be. Whether it’s a trip that specializes in focusing on local culture or if it’s the staff that would cater to your every need, the Capella brand of hotels sure knows how to make its guests feel right at home.

The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts

The Leela Palaces is a chain of luxury hotels in India that have been making headlines since it opened in 1986. The hotel chain has 8 locations spread across the Indian archipelago and promises its guests a stay that they will never forget. Many visitors praise its opulent decors as well as its locations in key cities around the country. What makes it a stand out is how immersed in the Indian culture you will feel amidst all the luxury surrounding you. There are on-site Ayurvedic doctors that you can consult as well as multi-day yoga retreats for those who seek a holistic travel experience.

The Leela Palaces Hotels And Resorts

The Leela Palaces Hotels And Resorts

Red Carnation Hotel Collection

The Red Carnation Hotel Collection is a family-run company that owns a group of boutique hotels dotted all over the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, and the USA. The hotel promises guests a unique hotel experience that rivals that of bigger chains. Each location is a landmark full of history and tradition, such as the Ashford Castle in Ireland. The service is unmatched and each location is in the heart of the country you’re visiting.

Sofitel Legend

Infused with French luxury for the ultimate hotel experience, Sofitel Legend is a group of hotels that are located in truly wonderful cities around the world. Each stay is infused with modernity while meeting tradition and style. The Sofitel Legend hotels are always up to par with what guests need and want whenever they travel the world.

Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

Shangri-La is probably the most popular chain of hotels in this list because of the many branches it has all over the world. You can be assured of a stay that is consistently comfortable and reliable no matter where you are. What makes the Shangri-La group of hotels stand out above the rest is its unmatched service, spas, and world-class buffets. It has a reliable and consistent quality that is quite hard to find in other hotel brands.

Getting the most out of your money whenever you stay at a hotel is always a challenge especially when it’s your first time traveling to a certain location. Remember that before you splurge, read up on reviews and ask friends for firsthand experience on hotels that have their vacations more memorable. Check out too if the hotel is in the heart of the city for easy access to nearby places such as restaurants and museums.

Hotels are more than just a place to sleep in; it is your home away from home, and many brands strive to provide comfort and luxury to their guests however they can.