Free & Unreal Things To Do In Houston: Top 5

Published on 08/04/2021

There are various activities and fun stuff that visitors will find themselves doing in America’s 4th largest city, Houston. As the world is in the unlock phase, various tourists are visiting different parts of the world. They are also short on the budget, and we completely understand the dilemma of finding the best place to chill without making a massive dent in your bank balance. Houston is known as the Space City, and there are many tourist attractions in the city where you will not need to spend a penny. You might want to visit one of the many metropolises but let us introduce you to Houston before deciding your destination. We are going to jot down a few activities and places that Houston has for you. The climate is also quite calming, where it rarely goes below the freezing point. You must also not skip the diverse culinary and fast food scene that this city has to offer. Various hiking and biking trails are in total no less than somewhat 300 miles. For those who love adventure, Houston has some very unique things to offer. Among all the activities and the fun things that you will get to do here while on vacation, most of them will not cost a penny, and you will make some unforgettable memories here.

Things To Do In Houston

Things To Do In Houston

Miller Outdoor Theatre

On a summer eve, you get to spend some quality time with your loved one on the grass and watching the theatre. What else can one ask for? The show is an open-air one and is entirely free for everyone. The Miller Outdoor Theatre offers you the same experience, and also, it’s located in the heart of the city, so you will not need to drive hours out of the city to reach there. What you can do is check the screening schedule here and plan the visit accordingly.

Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

This architectural marvel will make you feel like you have reached somewhere in a completely different part of the world. For those who want to witness Houston’s artistic side and interest, BSS Mandir is the perfect example of it. The process behind its construction is quite marvelous. It is built using Italian and Turkish marble. A total of more than 34,000 pieces were sent to India, where more than 2,000 artisans worked on it to carve the details. Once done, it was sent back to Houston for assembly.

Art Car Museum

Locally, it is popularly known as Garage Mahal, the museum offers a completely free entry to those who have interest in spotting art cars along with some of the marvelous work done by the artists that are underrepresented. The museum boasts of a wide variety including a Cadillac covered in murals and a Volkswagen Bug constructed completely of wires. The museum also organizes new exhibits every few months where it includes new art pieces, sculptures, photographs, etc.

Menil Collection

It’s one of those spots that took the pledge of making stunning art accessible to everyone. The Collection has to offer a wide range of ancient and modern art that is out there completely free for the public to view. The unique thing about this museum is that its exterior, made of white steel, is a piece of art in itself. You can say the Menil Collection is a miniature form of the Louvre.

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

The place is the perfect fit for those who love to find themselves in the lap of nature. It is widely spread across 155 acres and offers free entry to the trails of more than 5 miles. After starting in the morning trekking all the way, you will reach the Discovery Room where you will find all the details about the flora and fauna you might have encountered along the way.

Houston Arboretum And Nature Center

Houston Arboretum And Nature Center