Italy & Greek Islands: Here’s How To Plan A Vacation

Published on 07/07/2021

As the world has almost opened up, various tourists are planning a vacation. Everyone needs to get on vacation, and we are here to introduce you to a few spots in and around Greek and Italy. At the start of your holiday, you will first land in Rome, the capital city of Italy. The 15-20 days trip can easily accommodate Italy and then cruising through Greek island quite easily. While you are planning the trip, the summer season is the best time to visit Greek. Rome has a fantastic architecture set, and you will find an excellent integration of art and culture. While you are planning and doing all the research on your own, you will find it highly confusing as there are over 6,000 islands. You must note that just a few of them are accessible and easy to reach from Athens. Many visitors are also confused when it comes to pointing out the differences that Italy and Greece have in terms of culture, architecture, climate, etc. The cuisine is also a very significant aspect that sets both of these countries apart.

Italy Greek Islands

Italy Greek Islands


If you are planning to get on a romantic outing, Santorini is the perfect fit for you. Thanks to its highly picturesque views along with white facades, it will just set your mood right and excrete serotonin in abundance. The blue domes and fine dining will act as a cherry on top. However, you must factor in the overcrowded beaches that it has. For those who will spend a significant time on the beach, Milos is a better fit.


It is one of those islands considered a perfect fit for the parties and offers quite an upbeat vibe. There are various dance clubs and beach music events that are major crowd attractions throughout the summer season. There are not many restaurants present there, and you will also not be able to get any diversity in terms of food options. People who are keen to have good food, for them, it’s Paros island.


As we discussed above, Paros is the perfect vacation destination for those who are in for food and precise batches. If you plan to get on the trip with your family, Paros is the perfect one for you. You can also take part in various activities, thanks to another closeby island of Antiparos. The beaches on this island are pretty long, and you will also get several restaurants right there. After a few islands from Greece, we will also give you a couple of options to visit in Italy. The main difference between these two countries is that Greece is known for the clear and long beaches whereas Italy is known for historical sites. The country has also been able to preserve the buildings in a much better way.


If you plan to spend your vacation by the beach, Sardinia is one of the perfect beaches. There are multiple cliffs and caves spread across the 200 km of long beaches. It is also known for cherishing its history and culture. You can also participate in various activities such as trekking, diving, and bird watching. To spot the pink flamingos, falcons, and herons, the Coast of Oristano is the perfect place.

Island of Tavolara

The immense and huge mountain of Tavolara island is what will catch the dazzle. There are quite many attractions that are hidden in this island and you will be able to make a very exciting itinerary. The landscape is a very beautiful one and we can guarantee that you will not be able to forget it. There is also a belief that emperor Giuseppe Bertoleoni ruled over Tavolara during the period of Napoleon’s invasion.

Island Of Tavolara

Island Of Tavolara