Best Souvenirs To Collect From All Over The World

Published on 06/16/2020

We all want to cherish our travels for as long as possible. That is why we want to take groupies or selfies of the different attractions we visit during our travel. Pictures provide us with constant reminders of our travels. But aside from pictures, we all want to bring home souvenirs from the places we go to from any part of the world.
Souvenirs are great take-home items to remind us of the fun and enjoyment we had in the destination you came from. With souvenirs, you don’t have to have a huge budget. Most souvenirs are cheap and easy on the pocket. Wondering what souvenirs you can take home to your relatives and friends? Here we have compiled some souvenir ideas for your next travel.

Best Souvenirs To Collect From All Over The World

Best Souvenirs To Collect From All Over The World

Cliché Souvenirs

These are the common souvenirs that you can buy from your trip. Examples of these are magnets, keychains, shot glasses, and classic shirts. Surely, you have bought one or any of these items during your last trip in China or maybe in the UK.


Postcards are like pictures of you in the places you have visited. Postcards are great to buy in places where taking pictures is not allowed. For example, the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, the paintings of Van Gogh in Amsterdam, and Mount Fuji in Japan. Postcards of these places are cheap, light, and compact.

Local Artisan and Handicrafts

When buying these souvenirs, a portion of your money will support the local community and give more purpose to your life eventually. This is called sustainable tourism. In places like Cambodia, the souvenir you will buy will help sustain a group of persons or communities. These souvenirs showcase the talents of the local community. By buying them, you are promoting the community to whoever will receive the souvenir.
Most local artisan or handicraft stores can be found in trade stores or recommended by the staff of the hotel where you are staying. Most of the items are handmade and these items can surprise you.

Local Artisan And Handicrafts

Local Artisan And Handicrafts

Home décor items

Some souvenirs will help beautify your house. These include paintings, statues, or figurines. Although you can buy them from Amazon, you wouldn’t be able to share an interesting story about them. A good example of this is the geisha doll of Japan and the hand paintings of Italy.


When it comes to food, there are restrictions on what food items you can and cannot bring to your country so you need to be aware of them. For example, maple syrup may be allowed in one country but is prohibited in another. The same is true with Turkish delights from Istanbul, Indian spices, and Swiss and Belgian chocolates. Check your local laws first before buying them.

Local Liquor

Whether it’s wine or any other liquor, these souvenir items give you an opportunity to bring the “spirit” of the country you traveled back to your home country. They may not be classified as souvenirs but it is something that you can enjoy with friends or loved ones.

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories as souvenirs are not only unique but also useful to bring back home. Examples of these souvenir items include Indian teacups, coffee mugs, wine stoppers, or porcelain serving sets.

Car accessories

Running out of unique ideas for your souvenirs? Don’t lose hope because there might still be something you can take home that is unique. Who knows? You may even find car accessories such as paper holders for your car.

Miniature cars/Toy automobiles

Miniature cars or toy automobiles make a great souvenir item for a toy collector. Just because you are already an adult doesn’t mean you can no longer buy toys. Whether it’s a toy Fiat or a miniature BMW, there will surely be a miniature car or toy automobile that you can find.
If you are one who never leaves a country without buying a souvenir, these are just some suggestions you can consider on your next travel,