Whitewater Rafting In Colorado: Top 6 Places To Visit

Published on 07/14/2021

For those who are visiting Colorado, how can they skip rafting? It is also one of the favorite amusement and fun things for the locals of Colorado, and the best season to go rafting is from April to October. Around May and June, the snow melts from the mountains and raises the water levels. Later, it also increases the speed of the river. The state has somewhere around 30 spots in terms of white water rafting. You will be able to easily find a professional along with a riverbank to start your rafting exercise. The cities of Colorado famous for these rafting exercises are Fort Collins, Winter Park, Durango, etc. Based on the location you choose for yourself, you will get the difficulty level somewhere between Class Ⅰ to Ⅵ. The hardest level is rarely attempted, and there is one thing that you must keep in mind is that never plan rafting without any professional.

Whitewater Rafting In Colorado

Whitewater Rafting In Colorado

Colorado River

One of the country’s most famous rivers, the Colorado River, is stretched for seven states and goes further up to 2 states in Mexico. It’s 1450-mile long, and it is also responsible for trenching the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The river is one of the favorite spots for rafting lovers across the country and beyond. The best spot is in the stretch that is around the Grand Canyon. There are multiple canyons from where the Colorado River spills, providing viewers with astonishing views.

Clear Creek

If you are looking for a river rafting with the best convenience to offer, Clear Creek is the one you should go for. The spot is close to Denver and right next to the highway that will drop you to several ski resorts in Breckenridge and Vail. On the map, and while you drive there, it will seem much closer, but it will look quite remote as you will reach there. Here, you will find all the difficulty levels, from the patches made for kids to more adventurous Class Ⅴ sections.

The Arkansas River

Offering rafters with a view of Browns Canyons, it is one of the spots that’s considered most rafted when it comes to white water rafting. The place is also best suited for those who are on the beginner level or/and have young kids. If you are in for an even more adventurous ride, you should go in for the sections that are located in Buena Vista. There, you will get to do rock-climbing, going on a zipline, and much more.

Rio Grande River

In Spanish, its literal meaning is Big River. Rio Grande River is also the country’s fifth-largest river, and it stretches across 1760 miles. It is the distance covered by this river in Colorado only. Spread across the peaks of the San Juan mountains, the river goes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. The upper section of the river is a perfect fit for rafting in Class Ⅲ and Ⅳ. However, the lower areas are for beginners and families.

Yampa River

For the tourists who are visiting the city of Steamboat Springs, the Yampa River is a must-visit. The summer season will add a sparkle to your visit, and you will find several restaurants and bars along the way while rafting. The river also touches the Dinosaur National Monument, and you will also see several dinosaurs in the rocks. It’s also a free-flowing river, which means no dams, diversions, or any obstructions.

The Animas

The tourists who are planning to spend their vacation in the Durango area, The Animas river is for them. Though it’s a tributary of the San Juan and Colorado River, it is spread across 126 miles. As it doesn’t get covered with ice in winters, the river is home to bald eagles. The best time to go rafting in this river is from May to July. Also, The Animas is the perfect fit for kids, families, and beginners.

The Animas

The Animas