The Best Airports In The World

Published on 01/07/2020

Since air travel is becoming the major form of long-haul transport nowadays, countless international airports have popped up all over the world. Of course, there are also small domestic airports many of us use regularly, but they are extremely different in terms of quality, amenities, features, and so on. While you can quickly get through a small airport without much hassle, international airports may hold you in position for a little longer (after all, you are traveling across borders). Most of these airports cater to the adventurous needs of travelers, so while you wait, you can go for a quick shopping trip, grab a bite to eat, and even catch a quick nap without leaving the airport grounds. Over the years, many businesses associated with tourism conduct public surveys regarding which airport are the best for travel. In one of the last major polls, the number of travelers taking the survey doubled compared to the past. But which airports were voted as the top three in the world?

The Best Airports In The World Worth Traveling Through

The Best Airports In The World Worth Traveling Through

Top 3 Airports Worth Traveling Through

  1. Singapore’s Changi Airport ((
    For a few consecutive years, Changi Airport has been voted as the best airport of the year. This airport has topped the list for many surveys because of the features, amenities, and quality services offered. Changi Airport provides passengers with the following and more:
    * An indoor waterfall – Giving you a bit of calm and serenity while traveling, a massive help especially if you have a delayed flight.
    * Open-air decks & restaurants – The kitchen staff here sure know how to cook up a storm and leave you satisfied. The wide selection includes a mix of local and international cuisine.
    * Nature reserves – There is a butterfly garden as well as other nature-themed areas giving you a bit of peace and beauty in an otherwise busy place.
    Also, if you have some extra minutes to spare, you can enjoy the best of a swimming pool-featured lounge, a movie cinema, Wi-Fi, and even a quick tour of the city is available if you have time.
  2. Tokyo International Airport, Haneda (
    This airport has made it to the list for many different reasons. Since its establishment, Haneda Airport has done a lot for Japan’s growth and development. It boasts incredible amenities and state-of-the-art designs and features that will make your travel stylish and comfortable. This international airport, in addition to the other amazing advantages available to passengers, is among the best domestic airports in the world, one of the cleanest and one with the best accessibility facilities.
  3. Doha International Airport (
    Qatar Airways’ home has been voted as one of the best since opening in 2014. The airport has received tremendous praise for its premium amenities (up to eight premium lounges). They also have secluded areas for those looking to be away from the hustle and bustle as well as child-friendly entertainment zones (no matter the travel class!). The airport in itself is enough to grant travelers more than the eyes can see and love. Do you have a long waiting time? The airport provides an in-terminal luxurious hotel at a minimum cost of $23. Relax while you wait for your flight to check you in.
One Thier Way To The Airport

One Thier Way To The Airport