Can’t Fly Out For Vacation? This Is How To Plan The Perfect Road-trip Vacation

Published on 09/10/2020

Sometimes we want to change things up whenever we go on vacation. Instead of flying to some exotic destination, why not check out the local scenes and plan a road trip? A road trip can be as fun and exciting as a trip abroad and if you know how to plan it well, you can even save a lot of money. Here’s a guide to planning the best road trip you’ll ever have.

Cant Fly Out For Vacation This Is How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip Vacation

Cant Fly Out For Vacation This Is How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip Vacation

Plan Ahead

With so many destinations around your country, where do you even begin? Try to ask yourself what you plan to get out of this trip. Are you looking for adventure? Do you want to chill and just to relax? Knowing what you want beforehand can help you decide where to go. The most important thing is that at the end of each day, you know where to cool your heels — may it be at a swanky hotel or in your RV.

You would also want to set a budget too. With information easily at our disposable, it’s not hard to gauge how much you should be spending on a day to day basis. Find out beforehand information such as ticket prices. Take into consideration any special eateries or restaurants you want to drop by along the way.

Timing Matters

It’s easy to assume that the road trip isn’t tiring because of the friends or family that will come along for the ride, but when you’re behind the wheel hours on end, it can become tiring and draining. Drive 10 hours a day if you can switch with others, 7 hours if you intend to go sightseeing and don’t want to miss anything. If you’re the sole driver in the group, make it a point to drive around 4 hours a day to keep yourself from feeling drained.

Things To Bring

This is where it gets exciting because you can pack as many items as you want as long as it fits in the trunk! Have a bag full of essentials such as shampoo and soap that you can use when you check in. Bring pillows for a comfortable trip. Water bottles and handy snacks will help keep things going when the next rest stop is still miles away. It’s helpful to also bring plastic bags of various sizes to store whatever you need or for trash disposal.

Things To Bring

Things To Bring

Don’t Forget Your Car

All this time you’ve been planning for yourself, it’s time to focus on your vehicle. Make sure you need to have the oil changed. Check the air in your tires, including your spare one. You must have a tire iron and jack, just in case you need to change your tires mid trip. You should even have an emergency kit with you in your car that includes bandages, antibacterial wipes, cotton swabs, and ibuprofen and other medicines.

Talk To Companions

When you plan a road trip, make everyone involved in all aspects of the trip. Make it a point that everyone agrees with to avoid any fights or arguments during the trip. In case tempers run high during the trip (it happens) opt for a quick restroom break to cool down.


Bring a real map along with you in case GPS won’t work. There always will be parts of the country that have a splotchy signal. A real map will help keep things on track. You can also set sights on the map just like a real treasure map and make it a fun activity for your map reader.

Pee Breaks

Pee breaks are common and needed during a road trip. Try to synchronize so you won’t have to keep stopping whenever you see a gas station. Tell everyone that a bathroom break happens every 2-3 hours so people also know how much or when to drink up.