Planning To Visit Japan? Here Are A Few Things To Never Do

Published on 08/25/2021

You must know that Japan has a unique culture, and there are a few things that might be common in your region, but it will be considered rude in Japan. You will see different cultural traits in every other country, and while you are visiting Japan, there are several places you must visit and a few etiquettes that you should remember. There are a few norms set by society that regulate the country’s personal and public relations. It’s pretty standard for the tourists landing on the Japanese land to feel baffled about cultural restrictions. Yes, we know that the visitors will never know these rules, and the list of some necessary dos and don’ts will be discussed here. Well, we can’t quote them as ‘rules.’ These are a few manners that you should know.

Planning To Visit Japan

Planning To Visit Japan

No Shoes While You Are Indoors

In the Japanese culture, cleanliness carries a huge impact, and it can be evidently seen under this head. Whether you are going, be it an apartment, school, or a home, the shoes must be put off at the gate. If you are worried about being barefoot, the guests are provided with indoor slippers. You will also need to follow the rule at Japanese offices, clinics, hospitals, and other areas. There are also several restaurants and other eating joints that will require you to follow the no-shoe rule. If you see a tatami mat with a raised floor, it is an indication that shoes are restricted, and you should go in with socks.

You Must Not Leave a Tip

There are a few countries where it’s a mandatory culture to leave a tip. In Japan, it’s the opposite. You must not leave a bonus as it’s considered rude and will not be appreciated. The workers will even return as meager amount as 1 Yen. If you want to save yourself from getting into an awkward situation, we recommend offering you thanks in another way, such as saying ‘thank you in a big way or bowing down to the workers.

No Eating/Sipping While Walking

If you are getting something to eat from a food stall, you must remember that it should be consumed while you are there standing. You should down them for the beverages, and the container must be thrown in the bin next to it. The American culture is to sip it. However, in Japan, it is consumed quickly. The same should be followed in the trains and buses. However, for the public transportation of long distances, this rule is not implemented.

Erroneous Use Of Chopsticks

It is the error that’s generally committed by foreigners who are not familiar with the holding technique of chopsticks. If you plan to visit the country, we recommend learning a few etiquettes that will help you. One of these manners that you must remember is to never put the sticks vertically into the rice. Also, if you are passing food to someone, you must never use your chopsticks. To put down, you should only use the holder that is present next to your plate.

Erroneous Use Of Chopsticks

Erroneous Use Of Chopsticks

Littering Is Prohibited

Well, it’s not the thing that should be related to any culture, but it’s only the Japanese culture that has taken it seriously and to a whole different level. It would help if you came prepared with the thought that you aren’t going to find many garbage bins in the country. It’s the habit of the Japanese people that they keep the trash with themselves and only get rid of that when they are home.