Why Visiting Rome ?

Published on 06/12/2020

Ah, Roma! Rome has had a very rich and beautiful history that it is quite impossible to point out what makes Rome one of the top travel destinations in the world today. Rome is located in the heart of Italy and is full of architectural and cultural wonders, where the past meets the present, and where people go for an adventure of their lives.



The Best Time to Visit Rome

Rome is such a popular tourist destination that all-year round, the city is full of visitors. However, around the month of August, many locals go on summer vacations and head to coastal regions or towns so this means that many neighborhood shops and restaurants might be closed. Being a predominantly Catholic country, Holy Week is a very busy time for Rome. Museums are closed on Mondays, and the Vatican isn’t open to visitors on Sundays so it is best to be flexible with your travel plans.

The Weather and Climate of Rome

It is always pleasant in Rome, but summer months are best avoided if you are not fond of the heat. Temperatures are always above 30 degrees celsius. It is best to visit during spring (around April and May) and when autumn begins (around September and October). If you really want to beat the crowd though, plan a winter holiday in Rome. It is rarely below freezing and you’ll be able to enjoy the city to yourself — don’t forget a coat and an umbrella!

Unique Things To Do in Rome

The city has so much to offer to tourists and whether or not this is your first or fifth time to visit Rome, you know that each time will always be memorable. In Largo Argentina, there is a cat sanctuary that the city protects, feeds, and neuters. The place is where Julius Caesar was said to be assassinated and you can still see remnants of temples scattered around. At night the cats come to play but watch out – many locals claim that ghosts from the Roman times like to come out when it is dark out.

After a day of walking and admiring Rome, you might want to fill your belly with delicious and authentic Italian dishes. With a bit of research and asking around, locals will happily point out restaurants that serve the best pasta dishes. A local favorite is called Spaghetti alla Carbonara, which has eggs, cheese and bacon as well as black pepper. Another must-try is Bucatini All’Amatriciana, which is more suited to someone who prefers tomatoes. For dessert, you should try Grattachecca. It is shaved ice flavored with syrup.
A visit to Rome wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t go luxury shopping. Many famous luxury brands call Rome home and you can find flagship stores there. Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Bulgari, and Versace are just some of the most popular luxury brands you can find around Rome.
When you visit the Vatican, the seat of the Catholic church, make sure to send a postcard. It is said that the Palace runs the post office, which has the Swiss Guards on duty. The post office in the Vatican is more reliable than that of the Italian post office so it would be interesting to see if your postcard reaches its destination. Make sure to tell your family and friends to save the stamps.
While you’re in the Vatican, and regardless of what religion you belong to, many people still choose to see the Pope in person. You may do the same whenever he does his Angelus or Sunday Address. The Pope can be seen from his window in St Peter’s Square and if you want to catch a clear glimpse of him, you have to come bright and early.