Get The Most Of Your Vacation With This Unique $100,000 Per Night Resort

Published on 01/07/2020

We have heard of resorts that top off each nightly visit at $77,000+ per night (Richard Branson’s private island resort found in the British Virgin Island) or the Musha Cay Resort found in the Bahamas at $42,000 (owned by David Copperfield). Still, hearing of a resort that offers visitors a one night’s stay for $100,000 sounds a little bananas, and even quite intimidating, if you ask us! So we just had to find out a little more about the offer. Banwa Private Island in the Philippines is deemed the most expensive resort in the world. This new resort is designed to create an ambiance of luxury, exquisite taste, classy features, and beauty in its most elegant form. It is undoubtedly a cut above the rest when it comes to quality amenities and uniqueness. But why is it so expensive?

Get The Most Of Your Vacation With This Unique $100,000 Per Night Resort.

Get The Most Of Your Vacation With This Unique $100,000 Per Night Resort.

What Makes The Island Stand-out?

With the six-figure cost per night, many people are left wondering what exactly is on offer that no other resort has. Well, for starters, one is definitely getting what they paid for if they were looking for “exclusively private”, as the island sits on an average of 15 acres of new green land and about two hours in helicopter or seaplane ride from the city of Manila. The secluded island boasts six beachfront villas of one- to four-bedroom suites with individual infinity pools and jacuzzis. The Island also has 12 garden rooms with classy residential suites, all decked with state-of-the-art amenities. Think it stops there? The island can’t entertain more than 48 people at any given time, so you can definitely count on the peace and privacy of the place.

The resort has its own chefs from all across the globe who will leave your taste buds watering and wishing for more. Every meal prepared is full of mouth-watering goodness. Each meal is also made with fresh farm supplies that are grown on the island and seafood from the nearby Sulu Sea. Lover of honey? Well, they have this in abundance as the island makes their own. Wine is not short either as they have a list of the most sought-after wines, starting at $36,000…

You can rest be sure of safety and fun beyond measure as you can meet and greet everyone who is staying there (after all, there will only be up to 48 people at a time).

Special Features & Activities

Banwa Island Resort provides each guest with their concierge service and extensive spa treatment. This island is the perfect location for a full body and mind relaxation. As you stay, you can enjoy some of the most adventurous activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, tennis, scuba diving, and jet skiing. Besides, you get to learn so much about the wildlife, exotic birds, and sea life from the island’s marine specialist.

Reconnect and bond with your significant other on this vegetation and nature-abundance rich island. You will just begin to understand just how much nature has to offer when you visit the Banwa Island Private Resort off the coast of the Philippines. However, to book with ease, you have to stay a minimum of three to five nights with dependence on the time of year you are visiting. But it seems Banwa has triggered exclusivity as the newly designed Damien-Hirst Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has the same price tag per night.

Ready for this fantastic journey? Let us know how it worked out for you!