Plan Your Winter Vacation In A Hill Station: Top Few Choices

Published on 12/15/2021

Most people wait for the winter season to get on a family vacation, and when it comes to picking up a place, it will become quite confusing. The site you should plan your visit to must offer you icy landscapes with snow-laden mountains along with cozy bunkers where you can stay warm and all snuggled up. Also, you might already know the best destinations to visit when it comes to the mountains. We are here to give you a few options to help you make better decisions. There are various activities that you can enroll yourself into, and these activities will help you explore the place in a much better way. Also, when you are visiting an all-new site, you must not miss the local street food experience. Now, without any further adieu, let’s dive into the locations you can visit.

Plan Your Winter Vacation In A Hill Station Top Few Choices

Plan Your Winter Vacation In A Hill Station Top Few Choices

Yosemite, CA

The place has another level of beauty and charm that remains present throughout the year. The Winter season is the time that has the best views and offers snow-laden mountains along with lush greenery. The redwood trees present here are pretty significant, and the trees on the granite cliffs will look just spectacular. You can participate in various activities to get a better experience.

Dolomites, Italy

This Italian destination has powdery slopes, and the 86-mile Great Dolomites road will give you one of the most beautiful experiences. If you plan to get on a vacation in the winter season, Dolomites is the best one to go for. The scenic beauty matches fairy tales where the villages like Corvara, Colfosco, and San Cassiano will offer some fantastic picturesque places. Visitors will also participate in activities such as skiing, Arabba, and more.

Rila, Bulgaria

Though the overall Rila is a treat to the eyes, the place shines exceptionally in the winters. Rila mountain is known for its scenic views, and it is also the highest peak in Bulgaria. When it comes to the visitors, the northern part of Rila is the one that is the most visited place, all thanks to the monastery and Seven Rila lakes. You will also find several options in terms of accommodation.

Prague, Czech Republic

The above options are all quite crucial for exploring the snowiest mountains. Prague is the location that adds a significant amount of festivities to it, and you will find it one of the most happening places around the time of Christmas. Once you are here, you can’t miss the market where you will find some traditional items. It is also an excellent market for a range of handicraft items.

Whistler, Canada

For the visitors who are going out to experience just snow, Whistler is the location you need not skip on. You can plan your stay in the Whistler resort located somewhere around 20 miles from Vancouver city. The place also boasts of the most extensive skiable area in North America. There are two mountain peaks, and when we say that it’s a perfect fit for the sports activities, you can guess it because Whistler hosted the Winter Olympics back in 2010.

Whistler Canada

Whistler Canada

Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is widely known for its skating exercises, and if you want to witness scenic beauty, Bled Castle is the perfect place to go. Bled also offers various opportunities for skiing. The snow-laden roads and trees will set an ideal ambiance to get your date out on a romantic dinner.